About Me

Xavier Smith promoting Bosu Elite Balance trainer and moreHey there, Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith and welcome to my world of Xcellence!  First of all, I should tell you that I have been sent here to IMPACT – INSPIRE & IMPROVE the lives of others (my personal/business mission statement) and this website was created to help me do just that!

I decided to create this site with the specific intention of being a resource for those looking for solutions for life, nutrition, fitness and more.  There is a lot of noise out there and I know I would want a few people or places I liked and trusted that I could count on for quality information and sustainable solutions I could count on.

I have dedicated my life to coming to the table with solutions (as opposed to gimmicks, tricks and short-term tactics that fail over time) and providing YOU (the consumer) with quality products that only enhance and flat out IMPROVE your life for the better!

I am also big into long-term relationships that are meaningful, which is the cornerstone of my business as a Personal Coach ( LIFE/Nutrition), trainer (Highest rated independent personal trainer), and serial entrepreneur.

This page and website is a continuous evolution in progress, so please be sure to check back often as there will be more updates that you will not want to miss.

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