3 Ab Blasting Tips Using Bosu Elite Balance Trainer

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Blast your abs better with the Bosu Elite Balance Trainer

 The BOSU® Elite Balance Trainer resembles a physioball that has been sliced down the middle with a level plate combined to the base. You can position it either ball-side-up or level side-up, depending upon the exercise. The two positions add insecurity to the mix, so your body needs to work harder to keep up balance when you engage in an exercise. The additional shakiness is one of the essential motivations behind why you should utilize a BOSU® Elite Balance Trainer.

Bosu Elite Balance Trainer Picture The standard Bosu trainer has been a staple in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. One reason for this is simply the flexibility of the item combined with the utilitarian advantages it has offered a great many individuals around the globe.

The diverse nature of The BOSU® Elite balance trainer allows you to stand, sit, lie or incline, which produces a wide range of difficulties, contingent upon whether you put the level or the rounded side on the floor.

Today I want to show you 3 practices you can get into using the BOSU® balance trainer that will blast your core!

BOSU® balance trainer Ab Tips

First up, the Flat Jacks performed on the BOSU® balance trainer, as explained by Mr. David Weck himself.

  1. Flat Jacks

So this one (above video) is one of my personal favorites for really attacking the core and protecting your spine as well.  If done the right way, you will feel the burn within a few seconds of performing the drill.

Let’s break this movement down further:

  1. Lay with lower back on the dome side, arms by side of the body and heels firmly on the floor.
  2. keep your body in line (shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles) while bracing the core and engaging the glutes.
  3. Slowly extend arms up (jumping jacks fashion) and touch thumb tips together at the top of the movement, and keep the body straight while heels remain on the ground.

Of course, you can do this movement on the ball you have now I can tell you from personal experience, that the grid system does allow you to feel a difference between a standard ball and the BOSU® balance trainer.  Trust me, you will love this.

Let’s move on to the Seesaw on the BOSU® balance trainer.

Bosu Elite Balance Trainer ‘Seesaw’

2. Seesaw

I really like this movement because of the protection of the spine that it offers.  This movement also adds to your posture, range of motion, and longevity.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Lie face (prone) on dome side, find your balance point (sweet spot) so feet and hands can come off the ground.
  2. keeping the body straight, engage glutes, raise hands to overhead position and tilt forward.
  3. Bring hands down, and tilt body back in a seesaw motion without touching the ground.

Yes, again, you can do this movement on what you have but, after you experience this on the BOSU® balance trainer, you won’t want to do it on anything else!

Now let’s talk about the Dead Bug on the BOSU® balance trainer.

Bosu Elite Balance Trainer ‘Dead Bug’

3. Dead Bug

Let’s break this movement down:

  1. Find your balance point (sweet spot) first and begin with gripping the back of the legs.
  2. Be sure to maintain tension only in the core.
  3. Set your timer up and go for muscle fatigue.

Okay, so there you have it.  You have three different ways to blast your abs using the BOSU® balance trainer.  You just saw all movements performed by the creator himself and he is even making you an offer you can’t refuse.

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