Bosu Elite Client Videos

Bosu Elite-Athlete Video

There is really no other way to describe The Bosu Elite Balance Trainer,  other than AWESOME!

As you can see in the video, this is one solid piece of equipment that you must have in your home gym, professional studio, or anywhere in between.  The Bosu Elite is the real deal and I can’t see myself being without one… EVER!

As I mentioned in the video, this Bosu Elite is like the regular Bosu, except on steroids!  There is like now maintenance to this and you will quickly tell it’s designed to last you a long time.

Bosu Ball with highest rated personal coach/trainerI love the wide surface dome and the honeycomb grid system on one side of the Bosu Elite balance trainer to keep your feet firmly planted, and it really comes in handy when you need to keep your torso in one spot to engage your core for a wide range of movements.

If you are looking for a solid piece of equipment that you won’t have to keep replacing year after year, and you want something that will challenge ALL of your muscles, then you have to consider the Bosu Elite Balance Trainer.

I am big into value and considering all the exercises you can do with this one Bosu Elite, it’s definitely what you want to spend your money on.

I am telling you guys, The Bosu Elite is one badass piece of equipment and if you are serious about getting serious results, then you simply need to get this into your life.

Once you get your hands on this, trust me, you will be glad you did!

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